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Online Store

Online StoreSet up your complete online store with built-in tools that are designed to make your life easy.

Product Catalog

Maximize your online business by showcasing your products in a comprehensive catalog.

Staff Account

Create a sub-user account so your staff can manage the business on your behalf.

24/7 Support

Get immediate assistance for your queries and concerns with our Support Team on standby.

Cart Management

Monitor and manage carts to increase accomplished transactions.

Secure Payments

Protect your customers’ sensitive details with payment channels secured by SSL encryption.


Manage your resources efficiently by tracking your logistics from inventory to order fulfillment.

Order Tracking & Notification

TextMonitor customers’ orders and send appropriate notifications for improved satisfaction.

Cross-Selling & Up-Selling

Seize every opportunity by offering relevant items based on your customers’ purchase history.

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For businesses with monthly gross sales revenue ranging from ₱5 Million to ₱9.9 Million

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For businesses with monthly gross sales revenue of ₱10 Million and above